The Story linEdit

In a world where a beast has risen and remove rock from the world, the Demigod of Rock grabs his battle guitar Axe and fights the beast... suddenly with one blow to the chest, the demigod is sent sliding on ground away from the beast, with his guitar lost and trapped in the cave of rush, he is defenceless and defeated and put into a cage, trapped, and lonely, he only has a little power left, so used that power to call out to the warriors to help and save them.

What happens to the warriorsEdit

 As all the warriors in normal form hears the demigod of rock's call to them, they all must prove themselfs worthy and be able to transform into warriors with great power... when all 8 rockers has been transformed, they must head out to the lava mountains, suddely they find themselfs ready to rock and defeat the beast, as they get together into two bands, they both work together to fight the beast, then after they all weaken the beast, they beast wakes up and finds out the demigod is being broken out of the cage, with the axe found by the warriors and in the demigod's hands... all must work together with all 8 powers combined, and help the demigod defeat he beast... as the beast is defeated, the demigod will let you call yourselfs real warriors, and let you rock on his gutair, you will unlock all of the hardest songs after that and live and let rock.

Quest Track ListEdit

1. Johnny Naplam.

Black Rain - Soundgarden

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

Motivation - Sum 41

Re-Ignition (Live) - Bad Brains

Self Esteem - The Offspring

Theme From Spiderman - The Ramones (Encore)

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

What Do I Get? - Buzzcocks

2. Echo Tesla

Again - Flyleaf

Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Get Free - The Vines

I Know What I Am - Band Of Skulls

Lasso - Pheonix

Machinehead - Bush

Slow Hands - Interpol

Tick Tick Boom - The Hives

Uprising - Muse (Encore)

Wish - Nice Inch Nails

3. Judy Nails

Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction (Encore)

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Fascination Street - The Cure

Graduate - Third Eye Blind

How You Remind Me - Nickelback

Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots

Losing My Religion - R.E.M.

No Way Back - Foo Fighters

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

Tones Of Home - Blind Melon

4. Austin Tejas

Burnin' For You - Blue Oyster Cult

Children Of The Grave - Black Sabbath (Encore)

Cryin' - Aerosmith

Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Free Ride - Edgar Winter

Listen To Her Heart - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider

Money For Nothing - Dire Straits

Rockin' In The Free World - Neil Young

Stray Cat Blues - The Rolling Stones

5. Legendary Guitar Stage

2112 Pt. 1 - Overture - Rush

2112 Pt. 2 - The Temples Of Syrinx - Rush

2112 Pt. 3 - Discovery - Rush

2112 Pt. 4 - Presentation - Rush

2112 Pt. 5 - Oracle: The Dream - Rush

2112 Pt. 6 - Solioquy - Rush

2112 Pt. 7 - Grand Finale - Rush

6. Pandora

Bodies - Drowning Pool (Encore)

Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

The Feel Good Drag - Amberlin

I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

It's Only Another Parsec... - RX Bandits

The Outsider - A Perfect Circle

Savior - Rise Against

Suffocated - Orianthi

There's No Secrets This Year - Silversun Pickups

7. Lars Umlaut

Bloodlines - Dethklok

Calling - Strung Out

Dancing Through Sunday - AFI

Hard To See - Five Finger Death Punch

I'm Broken - Pantera

Paranoid (Live) - Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne (Encore)

Psychosocial - Slipknot

Ravenous - Atreyu

Ties That Bind - Alter Bridge

Waidmanns Heil - Rammstein

8. Casey Lynch

Aqualung - Jethro Tull

Call Me The Breeze (Live) - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Feels Like The First Time - Foreigner

Love Gun - Kiss

Move It On Over (Live) - George Thorogood & The Destroyers

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper

Renegade - Styx (Encore)

Scumbag Blues - Them Crooked Vultures

Sharp Dressed Man (Live) - ZZ Top

9. Axel Steel

Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold (Encore)

Burn - Deep Purple

Ghost - Slash Ft. Ian Astbury

Indians - Anthrax

Jet City Woman - Queensryche

Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla

Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live) - Def Leppard

(You Can Still) Rock In America - Night Ranger

Unskinny Bop - Poison

10. Battle With The Beast

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth

Sudden Death - Megadeth

This Day We Fight - Megadeth

11. Demi-God Of Rock

Black Widow Of La Porte - John 5 and Jim Root (Final Encore)

Chemical Warfare - Slayer

Deadfall - Snot

Fury Of The Storm - Dragonforce

If You Want Peace... Prepare For War - Children Of Bodom

Nemesis - Arch Enemy

Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants - The Dillinger Escape Plan

Sleeping (Vault Version) - Steve Vai

Downloadable Track ListEdit

PACK NAME: Telephantasm

Hunted Down

Hands All Over


Rusty Cage

Birth Ritual

Black Hole Sun


My Wave

Fell On Black Days

Burden In My Hand

Blow Up The Outside World (All by Soundgarden)

PACK NAME: Rocktober Track Pack

The Infection - Disturbed

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) - My Chemical Romance

Resistance - Muse

PACK NAME: A Thousand Suns


Burning In The Skies

The Catalyst

The Messenger

Waiting For The End

Wretches And Kings (All by Linkin Park)

PACK NAME: Rocky Horror Picture Show Track Pack

Hot Patootie

Sweet Transvestite

Time Warp

PACK NAME: Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Pack 01

Tom Sawyer - Rush

Red Barchetta - Rush

Limelight - Rush

Love Song - Tesla

Poison - Alice Cooper

Elected - Alice Cooper

We're All Gonna Die - Slash (With Iggy Pop)

Nothing To Say - Slash (With M. Shadows)

Watch This - Slash (With Dave Grohl and Duff McKagan

Talk Dirty To Me - Poison

PACK NAME: My Chemical Romance Track Pack


Bulletproof Heart

Welcome To The Black Parade

Helena (All by My Chemical Romance)

PACK NAME: 90's Track Pack

Name - Goo Goo Dolls

Real World - Matchbook Twenty

What's The Frequency, Kenneth? - R.E.M.

Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground

Plowed - Sponge

PACK NAME: KISS-mas Track Pack

Detroit Rock Band

Calling Dr. Love

Rock And Roll All Night (All by KISS)

PACK NAME: January Mega Pack

We've Got A Situation Here - The Damned Things

2nd Sucks - A Day To Remember

All I Want - A Day To Remember

Downfall Of Us All - A Day To Remember

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

The Hand That Feels - Nine Inch Nails

Head Like A Hole - Nine Inch Nails

Buried Myself Alive - The Used

Rescue Me - Hawthorne Heights

Wings Of A Butterfly - HIM

PACK NAME: February Mega Pack

Parade Of The Dead - Black Label Society

Crazy Horse - Black Label Society

Black Sunday - Black Label Society

Blooddrunk - Children Of Bodom

Living Dead Beat - Children Of Bodom

Was It Worth It - Children Of Bodom

World On Fire - Firewind

Get Your Gunn - Marilyn Manson

Coma White - Marilyn Manson

PACK NAME: Modern Rock Mega Pack

Always - Saliva

Little Sister - Queens Of The Stone Age

Psycho - Puddle Of Mudd

Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades - Brand New

Headstrong - Trapt

She's A Genius - Jet

Hands Open - Snow Patrol

Sorrow - Bad Religion

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

PACK NAME:Middle Class Rut Track Pack

New Low

Lifelong Dayshift

Sad To Know (All by Middle Class Rut)

PACK NAME: Emo Edge Track Pack

Ignorance - Paramore

That's What You Get - Paramore

Across 5 Oceans - Madina Lake

Hey Superstar - Madina Lake

PACK NAME: Darkest Hour Track Pack

Savor The Kill

Beyond The Life You Know

Doomsayer (All by Darkest Hour)

GH Studio Custom tracksEdit

Barren Mountain



Twisted Bach Melody



Choppen Revolution

Deluge of Fire

Hairspray Sunset

Quatrain 11

Mohawk Miricale

Paint the Fires

Points of Oak

Stink of the B

Raving Mad

Feed Forward